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mardi gras

Mardi Gras Part 1

Now that I'm feeling human again, this past few days was kickass. I love Mardi Gras, parades, and New Orleans. Sara and I went to Daphne on Friday for Mystic Order of Persephone, which Em and friends missed due to being stuck in traffic behind a wreck. That parade had the steel drum band from a local high school and we caught two dozen moon pies along with beads. I like traditional banana ones, but the new peanut butter and mint crunch ones are divine, if not marshmallow. Saturday's parade was canceled, but while that ruined Emily's Fairhope plans, it made Sara and my New Orleans plans kick ass. We made king cake to go with the fajita dinner, was delish. Watched the Duke-UNC game while we baked, payback's a bitch and thank god for Kendall Marshall, 12-1 since switching point guards, and focusing for forty minutes pays off. Regular season ACC Champs in a season that began very chump worthy.

One king cake really isn't enough for nine people though, damn Daddy needing the second one for work. However, I did have him help Sara and I make it, he has better hands for kneading dough. And he finished the decorating. I've redone the filling with cream cheese rather than butter and now decided that white powdered sugar icing with colored sugar over top is better than colored powdered sugar icing alone. I need to stock up on babies though, the cake we ate was responsibility free. It amuses me how many people think king cake is complicated. No, really, it's not and it's yummy. It is messy though. I use cinnamon and sugar rather than fruit in my cream cheese. Eight ounces per cake is awesome! Recipe Here

On a less foodie note, Sunday was crazy. Woke up to plans for Loyal Order of the Firetruck, the local Joe Cain parade, aka no formal floats, but plenty of bands and funky cars. Shadow Barons was scheduled to roll at four, but Sara wanted to go ahead to New Orleans. The big parade for Saturday, Krewe of Endymion, was rescheduled for 8:30, so we made it in time to park near the bus station and walk to Canal St, after catching dinner and hearing that the parade was mostly disbanding down Loyola. I'd never been to a proper New Orleans parade, I see now that Metarie totally doesn't count. The Grand Masters were Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa, very cool and appropriate post-Katrina. Train wasn't on their float though and they'd performed at the extravaganza the night before, meh. I got hit with beads and had more cups and doubloons thrown to me than I can count, no purple though. Those we had to retrieve later. Twenty-seven floats with a fifteen minute break in the middle. That was interesting because most of the families left. We caught light up beads, king cake baby beads, cowboys hat beads, and more gauges of purple, gold and green than I care to think about. The beads in New Orleans are more expensive than Mobile, and hurt more if they hit you. I was surprised by the lack of edibles though. We got twenty cups with the theme of American Masters, with floats devoted to writers, directors, and singers (everything from Mark Twain to Michael Jackson). We had two bags full of stuff, but could've gotten more if we could've carried it. Walking over beads is tricky shit when they are everywhere and it's dark. I do want to go to Bacchus Bash and catch Bacchus some year though. New Orleans is a great city for live music. Debating going for part of Jazz Fest in May. We shall see.


Mystic Order of Persephone

Best name ever.
Sounds amazing! I've never had king cake. It sounds good. Fruit and cream cheese filling, yum. I want to be a member of the Loyal Order of the Firetruck. Lol. Go to Jazz Fest. I'll be even more jealous. I've always wanted to go.

And, last but not least, a very important question... Duke or UNC? *fingers crossed for UNC*
First off, I bleed Carolina Blue! I may go, we'll see, a bff is graduating college and wants to go do NOLA.
It was and there's more!