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mardi gras

Mardi Gras Part 2

So, after a crazy Sunday, and because Greer had worked that night, Monday didn't commence until noon. We planned to pick up a friend of Patrick and Greer's, Chris, before heading Uptown for the parades, Proteus and Orpheus. We arrived at probably 3:30 on St. Charles after parking, which is an adventure unto itself. After scouting out alcohol and restrooms (I see now why people had portapotties in truck beds), we settled in to watch the vendors and await the parade. A few more friends arrived, including Jeanne who brought a wheeled stereo! There was a DJ on the roof of the bar across the way, so music galore and some crazy singalongs, including Don't Stop Believing, LOL. The parade lesson of the day, kids are only a good thing if they are with you. A three year old on her dad's shoulders was next to me getting all the attention, and good throws. I got one bag of unopened beads, but otherwise only stuff Sara caught during Proteus. And that parade was different, red and silver themed, also a lot more high school bands. This became crucial during Orpheus later as we figured out that we could go into the street when the floats came by but then had to get back for the bands. This was very different than the barricades during Endymion. Orpheus was just as long as Endymion, complete with break about two thirds of the way through. The colors for that parade were red and gold, which was my dream, as I now have tons of game day stuff, plus cool beads with lyres on them. Not much purple and green thrown. And not many cups and only doubloons from Proteus. As such, glad we did the chaos that was Endymion as well as the more regular parades on Lundi Gras. Also different was the fact that Proteus and Orpheus both had floats in the themes of the Greeks myths for which the Krewes are named, rather than a yearly theme. Having studied the history of Mardi Gras in French class (gotta love Mrs. Elliott), this was the format I knew was traditional, even though Mobile has a theme each year.

After the parade was over we headed out to dinner, but just getting there was interesting, as Sara, Patrick and Chris were moving too fast for me. Fortunately, I was able to catch up by calling them. We went to dinner and had decidedly non-Cajun food, normal meals in NOLA? They exist. I was all Cajuned out after cooking the week before, so it was nice. No crazy night out, just home to sleep/decompress. Woke up the next day to parades on TV, much like Thanksgiving or New Year's. We had decided not to go because the best parade rolled at 8am, too damn early. Sara and I sorted beads/cups/doubloons, leaving some behind, before repacking to head back to Pensacola. It was a crazy road trip, but totally worth it. I've wanted to experience New Orleans at Mardi Gras since I was 16 and made my first King Cake. Mission accomplished!