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Sex vs.Violence

Ok, I'd been trying to ignore Chris Brown resurfacing on the music scene after two years, an assault on and split from Rihanna. I tried, and then he shattered a window and tore up a dressing room at Good Morning America when asked about his ex. This was after questions were approved for the interview and he supposedly completed anger-management classes. He had performed one song, but the blow up happened before he was to perform for a live online feed. Anyway, flash forward and he's been invited back to GMA and is still being allowed to perform on Dancing With The Stars. What??? I'll admit to still questioning ABC's judgment over the 2009 AMAs Adam Lambert performance, but now I'm not alone. He was cancelled from GMA after that performance, incidentally replaced by Chris Brown, and yet Brown get to violently destroy ABC property and get invited back? I don't get it. I have my suspicions about Robin Roberts' feelings about Adam that date to a pre-AMAs appearance and watching her squirm. She's so uncomfortable with sex it's funny (wasn't a kiss, just a comment about tour).

Unlike many of my friends, I get that the AMAs decision was about more than just a kiss and was live on TV, but still. I also get that violence is tolerated on the whole more than sex, though I generally don't care as long as it's legal. I know CNN Showbiz Tonight and The New York Post weighed in (the latter makes me think Hell froze) saying Brown should be punished and CNN said he should be banned from DWTS. I'd love to see it. Not just as payback, that's a nice extra, but as a reminder that you gotta walk the walk to get the promo. I do think Brown will get what's due him anyway, as his PR guy, who so woefully prepped him for GMA, has quit. Without someone to spin this, he's got issues, especially since anyone that knows the difference in Rihanna's last two albums knows the damage he did, on Grammy night no less. Fool. And why she dropped/changed the restraining order to help his career? I have no fucking clue!