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Actual dates? *shock*

So, I've been talking to a guy since early February, and three dates in I'm still unsure what's up. I'm looking for a job and am not willing to stay here, plus he lives an hour east anyway. That means only seeing him on weekends and having seen his place, any overnight/late night stuff is definitely there. This is awkward because I live in the city, not him. And seeing his house this past weekend was random. Totally wasn't expecting it on the way back from the historical site we went to after lunch. He didn't realize until I commented on his DVDs and books (Star Trek and sci-fi) that he made it seem as if photography/sightseeing is all he does. As someone who keeps very few secrets from guys, a guy with no hobbies is weird. However, as much as he talks about work, I think I know why he hasn't had a long relationship. Additionally, he's older than me and because of no grad school, is in a vastly different place than I am life-wise. I think he wants to stay here, as his parents are here, but I want to leave because my parents are here. About the only real things we have in common are music and computers, and too many years of French to count. His profile totally didn't reveal that he was Canadian, I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, we need to actually talk more soon, tired of Yahoo messenger. Plus, too be honest, my Twitter feed is more fun than he is, so that's distracting. *sigh* It's nice to have attention from a guy, just wish he wasn't a computer nerd.