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Bad blogger, but need to post this for record-keeping. 1pm last Saturday (April 23rd), I had a full seizure, two days before my next neuro appointment. I hate PMSing. He didn't want to do anything about it though, and when I asked if birth control might help, he said it wasn't worth it unless there were other reasons...which there aren't at present. That brings me to my next topic, Michael. We've been out four times and talked quite a bit, about the same stuff repeatedly. He bores me, lives an hour from here, and if Dueling Pianos is anything to go by, is more conservative than I thought. He's barely hugged me and hasn't kissed me. I'm not touchy-feely, but am way confused. I think he doesn't understand my expectations and I don't know how to convey that without saying "you didn't go to a real university or live in a real college town." I thought that wouldn't be an issue, but it is, a Bachelor's degree isn't enough. Help?
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*hugs* I hope you're okay from the seizure.

Also boys are strange.
I'm fine, actually epileptic, so this isn't new.

Yeah, men are also strange.