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So, after much debate and an interesting chat, I have another date next week. Things have been very awkward from my view and it turns out he doesn't have many female friends, or I presume exes. I had to tell him that my inquisitive self needs him to ask me more stuff. The conversations we've had bore me, and as he's not a sports fan and I'm not into sci-fi, not many common hobbies either. Also, four dates, over three months and no kisses, what gives? I don't want Mr. Right, just Mr. Right Now. Also, he mentioned hanging out at his place, but unless he wants more, no can do. Too much driving for him and don't wanna be stuck. Also, my mother fails at advice on men. She doesn't get that I care if a guy doesn't want to get physical. I don't need more platonic guys in my life. However, with his lack of experience with women in general, breaking up is tricky.