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adam rose

Date Night

Um, yeah, wasn't expecting Michael to change the game so drastically after our chat. We are definitely not on the same page. Tonight he was waiting for me outside his car and wanted to hug and kiss as a greeting, never done that before, so I got kissed on the cheek. Get to the car and find roses waiting for me. What? Okay now I'm confused. Clearly he has been holding back feelings, which I can't reciprocate. Anyway, after dinner at 2 Stix, sushi and chicken. We ordered plated dinners, but he was amused by the hibachi grill. Also, he doesn't really like Asian food. This could be a problem. He'd already ordered the movie tickets, which surprised me as I'd wanted to pay for them. Anyway, saw POTC Stranger Tides. It was interesting, but felt very piecemeal plot wise. Ideas taken from too many different places. And the cast isn't right with Orlando and Keira gone. Anyway, It was good, not much talking during though. That was good though as the events that started the night left me needing time to think. Also when he said good night, I had to tell him to quit ducking and let me kiss him. How old are we?


It should've been called POTC: Beating a dead horse.

I think I only saw the first two and that was enough for me.
Yeah, I only really liked the first one.