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adam smoke

Fandom Thoughts Part 2

Now that we've covered how fans came to find Adam, let's dig into what fans value and the problems this presents. While he's a singer, it's not that simple. We get videos, pictures, articles, and even fan fiction. Different people like different things. I collect mp3s and album news like they are air, for some people, it is videos and pictures that keep them intrigued. Those I seldom save because they are posted so many places. Also, it’s interesting to me to see what videos people wanted. Lots of fans only watched Fever to see if a kiss happened. Others wanted Sure Fire Winners or Sleepwalker for vocals, or Whole Lotta Love for vocals and sexy. Also, band intros got recorded a lot for Tommy fans. On the pictures, emphasis in pictures has shifted of late as pics of Sauli with Adam have become a hot item, such as the Idol red carpet. Also, now paps get pics whenever they can. And just as there were people that only watched Fever, there are also people that only talk about pics. And constantly want new ones. Paparazzi pictures weren’t as prevalent when Adam was single; it was mostly official shoots or concert photos. And he doesn’t get why we want new pics so often. Wear more boring clothes then dude. The concert varied based on night and whether pro or not, as pro pics were all from the first few songs. However, there were plenty of excellent fan photogs to cover the rest of the set and the band.

Fans of the band bring a whole new dynamic to Adam fandom. He’s a solo artist who has already had some shake up in the backing band, new keyboardist prior to tour and drummer at the end of the US leg of the tour. However, Tommy and Monte probably have the most fans of the band and this creates drama. I’m not a fan of either, but I get that some fans think Tommy’s cute or like Monte’s music. However, why there are fans in Adam fandom that seem to be more fans of Tommy or Monte than Adam? I’ll never get. They could easily be replaced, especially if a new musical director happens for next tour. To be honest, I was kind of glad there was no Fever kiss in Moscow. Without the dancers, it’s more Adam’s show, which it should be. He’s too nice to admit it, but if he doesn’t think about it long and hard before next tour, he’ll find that some fans view him as front man more than solo artist, regardless of what albums and press say.

Most complex of all perhaps is the place Adam’s sexuality plays in his fandom. From the questions during Idol to the Rolling Stone article to Out/Details to the AMAs, being gay has been an issue that Adam was asked about and fans debated. While some are fans regardless of it, some are fans because of it. Personally, I figured it out early on and it never changed my feelings. I’m not offended by the sexual acts on stage (I took video of Fever) and have appreciated pictures of him with boyfriends, band members, and ladies. However, some fans want the cleaned up version they saw on Idol and worry any time he gets sexual. I think they take the title of the show far too literally. They’ve also freaked out over pot too, so it’s not just sex that aggravates the pearl clutchers. Others vastly prefer the kissing in performance to the contemplating a real boyfriend. I’ll never get that. It’s hot, but not likely to be repeated as I think it happened more during Glam Nation than originally planned. Added to this is the fan fiction drama where writers and readers take it too seriously and don’t want to picture Adam’s love life outside of stories. As a newbie to fic, I’ll never get this; it’s hot, but not real. If Adam having a boyfriend fucks with your muse, too bad. Find someone else to write about.

On the flip side of the straight lady issues, there are the LGBT issues. While Adam has gay fans, much of the fandom involvement is by lesbians or bi women, many of whom are fans because he’s gay. This has led to some LGBT blogs not taking too kindly to him, and the editor of Out basically saying that he expected things from Adam that he wasn’t ready to give. LGBT politics have been debated hotly more than once, as many fans want him to be more political than he is by nature. He has done a few things, It Gets Better, Prop 8 comments, Trevor Project single, and A Change Is Gonna Come speech. That isn’t enough though. Some fans want a poster boy. He may be ready for that eventually, but not now. Also, there was a divide among LGBT fans about the Details photoshoot, which he recently posted pictures of again. That shoot involved a woman, and caused quite the rift. Many thought it was inappropriate. When he stated later the model was more nervous than he was. I found that very interesting as he’s had much more practice with shoots since then. However, fans who want a poster boy from the non-political brother could remain frustrated.

This is just some of the ideas flipping through my head lately. If you want more thoughts, shoot me some ideas.


I'm assuming Adam not kissing Tommy in Moscow was because he has a boyfriend now and doesn't want to disrespect Sauli.

I'm not a big fan of Tommy or Monte. Tommy needs a make under and a new hairdo, IMO.

The big fanfic pairings seem to be Kradam and Lambliff and I have read both, but it is just fiction. If you don't like it, don't read/write it. It's as simple as that.
I agree about the kissing and I read fic, but am clear about that fact that it is indeed fic. ;-)