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Just found out about another interview in Tallahassee! This after having had one at the State Archives last Thursday. Went to Tallahassee on Father's Day for a week and dropped by the Career Center. Re-wrote my resumé...again, and tweaked my cover letter. Called private schools in the area and one returned my e-mail. They need someone to teach everything from dual enrollment to psych. It's the Catholic school though, this should be fun. Need to figure out where to stay because lots of travel is leaving me broke. Might call Brooke, as Rachel's place is too far from the school. Stayed at the Doubletree before my interview last week, which I think went pretty well. They seemed impressed by my social media knowledge and what Florida history I'd studied. Hoping to hear back, but they have more interviews. Submitted a resumé to the Tallahassee Trust, but they aren't interview until end of this week at least. So, the job hunt is finally going somewhere, but I had a long convo with my dad about jobs and moving to Daphne on Monday night, as I'm allergic to Sara's cat and feeling trapped in Pensacola. *sigh* Might move to Daphne, but need at least somewhere to volunteer first. Don't want to feel like I'm freeloading, and don't want to give up what little independence I have. And while my dad is willing to let me live here and not make demands of me chore-wise or socially, not sure Mom would be. :'(