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Examiner Sample 2 for Digital Music Examiner

One of this week's major music releases is Natalia Kills' Perfectionist, which is her debut album for Universal Music Group. The album is very reminiscent of the early singles from Lady Gaga's The Fame. However, it is darker and has an edge to go with the clear vocals. This is the United States release while the European release was in the spring. As such, it was a nice surprise for her fans to find a new track on the US release, "Kill My Boyfriend," as well as varying bonus tracks. The iTunes deluxe version includes "Free ft. will.i.am," her third US single, on the album with Natalia's solo effort as a bonus track. Amazon includes "Free ft. will.i.am" on the album, but instead uses the Robotaki Remix of her second single "Mirrors" as the bonus track. This is probably because two EPs of "Mirrors" remixes were released for sale on iTunes before her album was released in the United States. This seductive track shows that Natalia is not afraid to be naughty as it evokes themes that remind the listener of Rihanna's “S&M.” Amazon additionally has the first US single, "Wonderland," for free this week. While Perfectionist was just released in the US this week, Natalia has already done some touring here as an opener for Robyn and currently Katy Perry. This exposure, along with the solid album and vocal prowess not often seen in today's pop starlets, should bode well for Natalia's success in a hard-to-crack pop market.