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Miami Booster Jeopardizes Season

Big news in the ACC this week is not just that Florida State is ranked number 6 in pre-season polls, but that Miami is in a load of booster trouble. A booster that was recently convicted in a Ponzi scheme confessed to funneling money to players for cars, money and gifts from 2002 to 2010. This creates extra stress for a program that recently replaced Randy Shannon with Al Golden. However, with fifteen athletes being investigated, and twelve current players named, it could be a very hard season in Coral Gables. Perhaps Golden should speak to ex-Miami coach Butch Davis who dealt with a similar situation at North Carolina last season.

As a Florida State alum my first thought was what took so long. However, because the Seminoles share a conference with Miami, I don't even want to contemplate more than probation. I mention that because the NCAA president suggested that due to the situations at Ohio State and Miami among others, that the Death Penalty might need to be brought back as a threat. While Southern Methodist University learned their lesson, as the only school to receive the penalty, the Southwestern Conference was damaged as well. That wouldn't go over well with as much money as BCS conferences bring in. As such, it should be thought through to protect conferences.


I think the Tide was ranked 1 in the SEC pre-season polls. Or maybe that was wishful thinking on my part. :P
LOL, those I haven't looked at.