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OU Part 1

Ok, so waiting on my next article to be cleared for publishing. Thought I'd fill you in on the craziness of September. Last September I did Pensacola to New Orleans to Atlanta to Pensacola to Tallahassee to Pensacola in a week for concerts and football. This year, I did Pensacola to Tallahassee to Pensacola to Mobile to Birmingham to Mobile to Pensacola for football and a funeral. Mid-September is just destined to be chaos. However, I'd do it all over again for the game I went to. Sara and I drove to Tallahassee for the Oklahoma game and the first Game Day on ESPN since 2003. The trip was chaotic because we got to Tallahassee late Friday to find out the room we'd reserved had been given away. After driving back towards campus we found a room at a Budget Inn for $60 and then went to our favorite sports bar to dance. I still love AJ's on Friday nights when I'm not in the mood to drink enough for Bullwinkle's. We went back to the room to chill and use internet because our Pensacola internet had been screwy all week. Priorities... However, we woke up super early because we didn't know if we'd have to move to another hotel or not before we went to the stadium. Lunch and shopping happened, a TRUE Seminole shirt cut for women finally exists!

We missed Game Day proper, but did make the Heisman tent after securing another night in the motel. I discovered that the quarterback toss isn't really programmed for lefties. And had some trivia fun. What guys don't know amuses me. The college football award named for an FSU alum is the Biletnikoff, the wide receiver award, but another girl got a chance to get a t-shirt for that. Sara and I got sunglasses for competing in a tailgate challenge and she got a t-shirt for a puzzle game. We also got our pictures taken with the Heisman Trophy! The tent was hot though and we were tired so we headed back to the motel to chill. On the way back, we got invited to take shot, simply because we looked of age. Found out those guys were friends of a friend of Sara's, I swear she knows everyone. We told them we'd be back later. We went to the room and changed as jeans were a bad move, wished I'd had sneakers though, so much walking. Went back to the tailgate and had more shots including tweaking a shot we found years ago, a Seminole Slammer is chambord/goldschlager. We added rum/cran, but have yet to title it. I thought Seminole Sensation as a play on the welcome to campus week for freshmen. >;-) Anyway, after that Sara and I split up. We met up later with my parents who had finally arrived, with a ticket for Sara. I wasn't staying with them because their hotel was an hour from town, um no. After chilling with them, we went in to the stadium. Game details later.