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OU Part 2

Ok, so got kinda sidetracked on epic trip recap. As we were entering the stadium, my mom gave me money to cover motel disaster. I then went and applied face paint and Sara and I went to my seat. I haven't seen the stadium that packed since high school or at least undergrad. Reminded me of the Miami game junior year where ushers made us scoot in to make room down front. I was totally surrounded by guys who were total gentlemen. I finally told them not to worry about bumping me, I could handle it. Despite the loss, the game was amazing, we gave up a long opening drive touchdown and two field goals while scoring one of our own by half. Third quarter we tied the game, never heard the stadium so loud, and long time since I outright screamed so much. I hate defensive games for that reason, a lot more taxing. Unfortunately, after we tied the game, we couldn't hold on and gave up a late pick to seal the deal. 26-13. We'd totally have gone out after, but a whole day of walking left us exhausted. I went and got subs from Jimmy's John's (which we need in P'cola like whoa). Even an hour and a half after game the place was packed! Can't wait to go out this weekend though, I miss ladies' night at Bull's. Sunday morning was breakfast at Cabo's, delish Italian omelet and Bloody Mary after t-shirt exchange. We got back to Pensacola at roughly 6:30 and I got the call that my grandfather had died.

Tuesday night I went to Daphne and then Wednesday Daddy and I went to Birmingham. Mom had gone Monday morning. My first thought was oh shit I have no funeral clothes. Why my mom and uncle agreed to a wake and elaborate service, I'll never know. I find wakes creepy, yes even now. And the service was way over the top. My family's not very religious and my dad and I aren't at all. Plus I totally had a thank goodness he's finally gone moment before seeing my grandmother. I love her, but I'll like visiting her more now. Also, I think her health may improve now that she can stop worrying about him. She totally worked the whole two days I was there, despite her kids telling her to sit. I noticed she sent my mom pimento cheese and cookies last week. Best food ever, need to ask mom to save me some for Friday. That's when I leave for my next trip to Tally.