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chief osceola


I'm so behind on actual blogging. My birthday happened on a very cool date, 11/11/11. Also, the FSU athletic department saw fit to schedule the Miami game that weekend. As such, I decided I had to be there to party for my bday. No hotel chaos this time. However, selecting a bar for dancing was tricky, Cane fans had overtaken the fav sports bar. I was chill though as Rachel and I had smoked hookah (jasmine and lemon blend is perfection) and I got my Indian food. The samosas were divine, but the lamb sagwala was too hot, my fault. However, it makes great leftovers, thank goodness for coolers. Also, got bday cake at Aladdin's and Samrat, love my friends. We ended up dancing/drinking in Clyde's for two hours from birthday shots to soooooo much sex on the beach. ;-) Excellent night, but no hot guys, WTF Tally?

Saturday was chill, Walmart run and did face paint in room for once before going to tailgate hop. Disposable shot glasses and free food ftw, but food got interrupted by the Garnet and Gold guys. New pic! We ended up not all watching the game together as I didn't want to sit in the end zone. I missed Cane bickering, meh whatevs. We won, but not without eight instant replays and ref suckage. Another Crappy Call indeed! So cold too! Went out for sushi after and then Rachel and I hit up Bull's for some more football watching. Short night though after a long day. Took the bus back to the motel and crashed. Epic weekend ended on Sunday with brunch, feta omelettes are delish.