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adam rose

Finnish Hijinks

So, I try to keep fandom news out of my journal, but finding out Adam Lambert was detained after a drunk and disorderly argument with his boyfriend in Finland? Not what my holiday week needed. I was awake when news broke in Finnish press and hit Twitter, but Google translate hates Finnish. Also having Sara's first words to me after I woke up be "Did you hear?" made me realize that the hoopla magnet had struck again. Fortunately, most sites got it right, though Perez Hilton and Fox News remain douchey. Still wondering if there will be any fallout regarding the single, but I haven't read radio blogs. I do wonder if this might come up in promo later as the second half of the first verse of "Better Than I Know Myself" is "And I know that I/I sometimes tend to lose my temper/And I cross the line/Yeah that's the truth". When a friend posted those lyrics, my stomach twisted into a knot. I don't want another single roll out messed up over a night of drunken idiocy. However, further, I didn't want to contemplate a physical fight and possibly having to defend my views on Adam further, as I knew that would divide fans. Not what we need at the holidays. And when Adam's first tweet was kinda cryptic, that didn't help. Fortunate, he later clarified no punches, just embarrassment. Phew!


Yeah, it sounds like everything is okay between he and Sauli. IDK the exact deatils about the fight, but I did read about it on the adam LJ community (since they know what happens to Adam before he does :P) and there was a blip about it on E! News last night.

I Adam will behave himself bcause I'll continue to defend him until my dying breath. ;)
Yeah, not that worried, just a WTF moment, and yeah, I'd defend him even when many wouldn't.

Edited at 2011-12-24 08:30 am (UTC)