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Religious Ramblings

Accidentally revealing to your grandmother you're an Atheist is bad. However, having my dad tell me weeks later that I shouldn't reveal that information? Yeah, no. I'd have thought he'd understand, as he's at least Agnostic. I think he's more worried about keeping up appearances than I am though. And what he doesn't know is that my grandmother told my I should go to church to get a job. Uh no, that would require going to Sunday School/joining the Vestry for networking purposes. Best case scenario, I could unobtrusively attend services and hope no one caught on that I was just going through the motions. As such, she now knows what I've wanted my family to know for ages. I want to tell my dad to Google me, he'd be surprised to find out that the fact that I'm an Atheist has been posted quite a few places. He keeps quoting Jefferson to me about not choosing friends based on politics and religion, but what he doesn't know I do that instinctively. Conservatives will never be my friend and non-socially liberal Republicans won't either. There are exceptions, but why does he think I want to move to a more liberal area? Then again, he'll never get that I've lived as a political minority long enough to know that debates are part of life. And if revealing my religious beliefs incites debate, bring it. Also laughing forever at him saying Christmas is the most holy Christian holiday, Sunday School/Confirmation class definitely defined that as Easter dude. That whole arguing religion with an Atheist being a bad idea thing? It's the truth.