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adam rasputin

Adam Tweets

I'm normally the furthest thing from mother hen in Adam fandom, but this has been floating around in my head for a while. He tweeted a set of three tweets. While I normally enjoy his rants, this just made me sad for him. Even his own fans, to the degree that they can call themselves that, give him grief. His tweets: I get variations of "I'm ur fan EVEN THOUGH you're gay" like its some disadvantage or handicap. W/o meaning it, that's sorta rude folks... That's me. Its not something you should have to look past. Look right at it. It's fabulous. Gay is fierce. Be proud with me!!!! :) Meanwhile, I'm always relieved to meet and receive tweets from all you open-minded (normal) people! You keep me smiling!! #noshame I've seen stuff like that more than once, and it's sad that people think like that, much less tell him. Then there's the hot but gay stuff that he has to see too. Especially when he's on tv. Gay shouldn't be a caveat to liking or disliking someone. Much less a hot, sweet celeb who sees more than people think.


Wow, people actually tweet him "I TOTES LOVE YA EVEN THO UR GAY LOL"? SMH at those people.
Yeah, idiots.
I know I have an unabashed crush on him, but I could never tweet him "if only you weren't gay we could make millions of behbehs lmao". I like how open he is as a gay man and I would never change that for anything.

Too bad Adam has to go through that. I wore my Adam shirt out to a restaurant and an employee told me how much she liked Adam. She also said "too bad he's gay." I felt like saying why, cause you thought you had a chance with him.

*head desk*
MTE, I get the girls who are jealous of guys, but others disgust me.
I probably asked why tbqh. Or say sorry that he's too awesome for them.

Besides, hot's hot. Whether gay, straight, bi, transgender, etc. Don't use ands, ifs and buts.