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After the third night of the Convention, John Kerry is the official Democratic candidate for President. However, the main speaker of the night was Edwards, who will be officially nominated tomorrow. His speech was good, from his roots to his plans for uniting the "two Americas", which include healthcare, education, and jobs. If Kerry and Edwards hold up to even half of what they've said so far, we'll be a better nation. As for the ever-present "war on terror", Edwards spoke of sending enough troops to do the job properly and repairing our world status.

The other speeches of the night were Elizabeth Edwards' gushing over her husband and the Kerrys and Jennifer Granholm of Michigan speaking of the Freedom Trail. This was an interesting reference for a Canadian-born governor, I thought, but it worked on me. She compared the Freedom Trail around Boston to the campaign trail across the US. She also spoke of the jobs to be created and other tasks to be accomplished. The other speakers of note were Sharpton and Kunisch, whose speeches I didn't hear. All around it was a good night, and damn Jack and Emma Claire Edwards are cute!