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The final day of the Democratic Convention was a John Kerry showcase. It began with the honoring of the men along side whom he served in Vietnam aboard a swift boat. One of his fellow crewmen, whom he had saved from drowning, spoke to the delegation about Kerry's loyalty and duty to his crew. Then Max Cleland spoke of his own Vietnam ordeal and his hope that Kerry would do right by veterans and active duty servicemen and women.

Then the Kerry daughters spoke of their father as a family man who saved a dying hamster, showed up at ballgames in ugly hats, but above all, never put his career before his family. He also taught his daughters the value of living in America and not taking it for granted.

Finally, John Kerry took the stage. He saluted the crowd and spoke of his childhood in Berlin when he rode his bike into Communist East Germany and got grounded by his father upon his return. He then spoke of his parents' sense of civil service and how that lead him to the Navy in 1966. This time in Vietnam led him to his conclusions about the military of today. He wants to increase overall troop strength by enough to not be stretched thin, and be able to bring back reservists. He also will not lead the country into a war he doesn't believe we can end with peace. Other than the military, Kerry spoke of healthcare, jobs, and education, as well as keeping the children of America safe.

In the few shots at Bush he took, he spoke of the flag and how not agreeing with the government, does not make one less patriotic. He also spoke of the need for oil sources independent of the Saudi royal family. And finally, Kerry commented on religion saying that wearing one's religion/faith on one's sleeve does not make them superior. And that values have no political party, but rather, are American values.