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I thought my favorite sport could get through at least one Olympics without controversy. Well I guess not. Two years, it was Salé and Pelletier in Pairs Figure Skating who were gypped out of a gold medal because the French judge was told by her federation to support the Russians. This year, a judge's incompetance, gave Paul Hamm the All-Around gold. However, because it was a judge's mistake that hurt the Korean, rather than helped Hamm, Paul shouldn't be punished. He shouldn't be asked to give up something he was awarded in error, unless we are to have another ceremony to give him a silver medal. I think that the solution from Pairs Skating from Salt Lake should be enacted. Both Paul Hamm and Yang tae-Young should get gold medals and we should hear both anthems and see the flags lifted to the rafters again.

I think it's wrong of anyone to think that Hamm should give up his medal. He isn't at fault and he deserves it. He was twelfth after four rotations and a fall on vault. He came back to score 9.837s on both Parallel Bars and High Bar to win. Those were perhaps the routines of his life and people want to take his reward. It's not his fault that the judges didn't give the correct start value for tae-Young's Parallel Bars routine.

And I honestly don't think that Paul giving away his gold would help. The rest of the world will respect him, but in the long run, it won't help America's standing with the rest of the athletic world. They will always seen as the bullies and the acts of a 21 year-old gymnast won't change anything.