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Books I've Been Sucked Into

So, you know you think way too much when you read when it's 5am and you're reading a detective chase scene during which you're thinking, guys that's a mile away and a bad idea. That was the situation I found myself in reading a French Quarter scene. I'd forgotten how well I know that layout until I read a book set in NOLA. Running from the Saint Louis 1 cemetery or the Basin Street visitor's center to the Harrah's? No thanks, they don't even suggest tourists go to the cemetery alone. That scene is in Touch and Geaux from the Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux. I've fallen down the rabbit hole of M/M novels, not just fanfic. However, there is a connection, I was searching Abi's site and found her playlist page, on the tracklist for Stars and Stripes I found Fever. :D I might have died laughing when I realized that the scene that song is selected for is in a cowboy bar in Hill Country Texas. Meanwhile, I had gone looking to see if Voodoo was on the Touch and Geaux list. That series is so well-written though. It started as two authors, but is just one now. It was interesting to read what she'd been writing from the start compared to what she had to figure out for book 5.
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