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Rejoining the human race

I got up this afternoon feeling much better. Called Matt, who is back in PA. He ended up not going to the game even though he told me he was thinking about it, even offered me a ride to Miami, but I knew my parents wouldn't like me meeting a guy from the Internet in Ocala. So anyway, we talked for a while, caught up on life and politics. I also called Bryan back and we talked about Rainee and football. He's pretty much decided he wants to marry her. I think part of the reason he wants to bring her down here in October is because he's looking at Business grad school here. Then, I called home only to discover that my dad was there with Uncle Al and that mom was out of town. Perfect weekend to go home, but I didn't.

Went back to the practice field at 8:30 tonight to check on the message from last night because I was gonna go buy a disposable camera for documentation puposes. The message was gone, and looked as if it had been for hours as the sidewalk was dry. I bet FSUPD found it, so I have no clue if the team saw it. If you are confused, details are in the Miami Game entry.