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UAB Pre-Game

Yesterday started with me waking up at noon to a phone call from nobody, four rings, answering machine, then no message. I hate that. And due to university policies, it costs me $3.99 a month for *69. So anyway, after not much sleep and waking up hot, physically, I got up. Called home and Sara to find out if anyone important had called, nope. So I went on about my day. Being that it was GameDay, I went to Garnet and Gold and bought two t-shirts and some earrings for the first home game of the year. Got back around two and had time to kill. I eventually went to eat lunch at the diner and was shocked by how empty it was.

At five o'clock, I went back to the dorm to get ready for the game. Put on my "Loudest Stands, Proudest Fans" t-shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. Then put my gold studs in my top hole and my new garnet earrings in the bottom hole. And finally, washed my face and put on the warpaint. The stadium was buzzing when I arrived about forty-five minutes prior to game time. When I got to my section and entered the stands, "Shake Your Tailfeather" was playing and I was thinking, "It's good to be home."

I chilled and watched warm-ups until introductions began, it'll be nice when all the starters are healthy. The drama began when after all the other starters had gotten cheers or polite claps, Rix got booed, especially by the students (I chose to remain silent).