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Our first home game of the year was against UAB, a patsy who we had the first part of a home-and-home with a while back. We won 34-7, but were only up 17-7 at the half due to some mistakes, such as an INT by Rix and a 4th and 10 in field goal range that we didn't kick. Why Jeff thinks going for 4th and 10 when not losing or tied is a good idea is beyond me. Now that I'm done ranting, I was happy to see Washington, Booker, and Reid each get a decent amount of carries. However, in order for them to be uber-effective, we need a healthy O-Line. I also noticed that our receivers had a case of the butterfingers, especially Cro, but hopefully that will be gone as soon as he adjusts to being hit again. Booker was our leading receiver last night despite being a runner officially. I was so happy to see Sexton get some time under center last night, two drives, one resulting in a field goal. He's got a ways to go, but we've got a season to groom him.