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Yesterday began with such promise as I got up at 9am to go get tickets to the UNC-FSU game. I then came back and catnapped until 11:30 when I went to a Dick Vitale book signing at the FSU Bookstore. It was cool, he spoke the crowd about believing in your dreams. Then, I had class at 2pm, Sports Georgraphy. Skipped French Cinema to get more sleep because I only got three hours the night before. Then it was time to got to the game.

When I arrived at the Civic Center shortly before tip-off, the place was packed and Sara was nowhere to be found. I looked for a seat to no avail. Finally, after Sara arrived, we found seats in the top of the area behind the goal. I caught some shit for being a Carolina fan, but oh well. The first half was chill, the Noles were getting killed and I was relaxed. However, the second half was a nightmare, we squandered our fifteen point halftime lead, as we've done three times in the last week. The Noles got on a roll and we went cold. The Heels were able to hold the lead until a last second three-pointer tied the game at 78. Overtime was a disaster as the Heels got impatient and weren't hitting the jumpers they settled for, instead of driving the lane. And everything the Noles touched turned to gold. For the second time in six months I watched the home team celebrate (the fans rushed the court), while I was about to cry.

Later, Sara and I went to Bullwinkle's, which was packed. I got a headache from the strobe lights in there and the mass of people, so we left at 1:30. So the night ended early, with me pissed off, but it was nice to get rid of the "I want to cry" feeling.