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Ok, it's been a long day, but it was worth it. After fucking up and over sleeping, I went to US and Canada only after find out that all the Michael Moore tickets were sold out. Then, I had a yearbook meeting, as I'm officially on Athletics staff. It'll be great to help the FSU yearbook get back off the ground. I think came back and took a nap only to awaken to an e-mail saying that if I went to the Union at 9pm, I could still get Michael Moore tickets, so off I went. I got one of the two extras other than the people left on the Tuesday meeting list, so yay! Tomorrow night, 8pm, Michael Moore will be at FSU! I then went and posted College Dems flyers around campus before going to Breakfast for a Buck, for the first time ever. I'm supposed to meet the Dems at the stadium tomorrow for sign waving pre-game, don't know about that though, extra sleep may be better.