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Michael Moore: Tallahassee, Scene of the Crime

I entered Ruby Diamond Auditorium amid a gigantic protest and counter protest, chants of "Four more years!" and "Four more weeks!" ringing in my ears.

Michael Moore came to Tallahassee last night, it was great. He did lots of Bush bashing, but he also bashed the RIAA and drug companies (specifically Pfizer, who just gave a grant to FSU). In his opening he asked, "Does Bush think..." intending to finish his sentence with something else, but the students all screamed "NO!". He also showed video taken by his cameramen of Iraq, one month pre-war, and several citizens said they didn't want the US there, that they were happy. Moore also spoke of the thousands of letters/e-mails he gets from soldiers (enough to make a book of them which is being released Tuesday), including a soldier's last letter home, a week before his death, where his only wish was to have Bush out of office. Moore also spoke of the misguidedness of voting for Nader (for whom he campaigned in 2000). Moore's goal with this latest Slackers Uprising tour of speeches was to get people signed up to vote, so he called people up to the stage if they wanted to sign up to vote, or wanted to vote in this election but had previously passed on elections. He gave copies of Bowling for Columbine to the non-voters who pledged to vote on November 2nd. He ended the night by showing film of Bush on CSPAN immediately after his meeting with the 911 Commission. I've never seen a press conference so awkward. Bush wouldn't answer anything and looked very unhappy to be there. If he doesn't want the country to know what he said to the 911 Commission, fine, just don't expect it to re-elect him.