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Written on Oct 6

I should be reading for my Sports in America class or at least writing my weekly game summary, but instead I'm crying. As my ankle has healed, I've started thinking about the incidents that led to it being broken in the first place. I went to Camp Greenville this summer hoping for a job and some closure to my childhood and left with one paycheck and more open wounds that need to be patched. I left without telling my fellow staff goodbye and with some of them upset with me. Especially Will, who was extemely upset with the way I handled my medical situation despite my telling him that night in the ER that I was a notoriously bad patient. Anyway, I just wish I could mend some of those fences, including with Greg, who told me he'd like to have me back, but I have no idea if he meant it. Plus, with my future so up in the air, I have no idea what I'll be doing this summer, or whether I'll have the chance to set things right again.