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Too Hot to Handle

The day of the UNC game began early with a 10:30 wake-up alarm for a noon game. When I looked at my WeatherBug and it already read 84º, I knew it would be a long day. However, my lack of a backpack purse, precluded my taking a water bottle. I regretted this later. I usually eat before the game and therefore don't have to come down out of the stands until the game ends, but not on this Saturday. By the beginning of the second quarter I began to overheat. So, I left the stands for water and a splash of water on my face. Got back to the stands, and was feeling lightheaded, so I went back into the concourse where I sat for at least 5 minutes waiting for the lights to clear from in front of my eyes. I then washed the warpaint off my face and got more water from a fountain. I was fine for the rest of my time in the stadium, but drenched in sweat. However, with ten minutes left in the fourth quarter, I left the half-empty stadium. I got back to the dorm in time to watch the rest of the game, which we won, 38-16, and I only missed one touchdown. I latered discovered that I was really red, but fortunately only my nose will peel, as usual.

Now, as to game commentary, a game beginning without Rix under center was wonderful. Wyatt marched the team downfield on our first two possessions and made a believer of me. It was 14-6 at half because our defense had an off day, but I was so happy about Wyatt, I didn't care. We ran the ball more in the second half, giving Booker and Washington plenty of chances to shine. They are both good backs and will make Sexton's job easier as he goes into a hostile environment in the Carrier Dome on Saturday. Sexton finished the day with three TDs and one INT, throwing 20-31 for the day. Great first start and restoring my faith in our offense to get the job done.