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Now that the Braves have floundered in the playoffs for the third straight year, it's time for the real games to begin. I've been watching the ALCS at the expense of two meetings and a Presidential debate. And while both games have been good, the Yankees are up 2-0 going to Boston. I have mixed feelings about this, as the acquisition of Alex Rodriguez makes hating the Yankees impossible, and disliking them not easy either. They have one of the most solid line-ups I've ever seen with their captain in the leadoff spot and A-Rod hitting second. And while their starting pitching has been on the mark the last two nights, Mariano Rivera is the star of their staff, even after a family emergency in Panama.

As for the Red Sox, They have two of the best starters anywhere in Pedro and Schilling and two of the best sluggers in Manny and Ortiz, and on any given night they can put up a five-spot. However, I'm just not sure they have what it takes to break the curse. Especially with Johnny Damon hitting so horribly right now, and the starting pitching more even. Plus, with Schilling hurt, they could be in trouble come Game 5. The series reconvenes in Boston on Friday and maybe the Red Sox can use the Monster to create some magic, but I have my doubts. The Yankees are just too deep.