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Oy, this weekend was a whirlwind. It started with my awakening on Saturday to find Bryan and Rainee out of cell range, so I got in the shower hoping they wouldn't call while I was in there. They didn't. They didn't call until after I'd had a seizure from lack of sleep, post shower. They arrived around one and we went to lunch. When we got back, I had another seizure outside the parking garage, my first one in public (including class) in a long time. This annoyed me because I had taken the requisite medicine after the first seizure. So, anyway, after another dose of medicine, we headed out for game day shopping. Fun stuff, I got a backpack purse and two t-shirts. Then, we went back to the apartment to chill before heading over to the stadium. I wore my new jersey, complete with "Noles for Kerry/Edwards" sticker and facepaint. I gave Rainee one of my face decals and Bryan changed into his new t-shirt. After getting the tickets I skipped class on Monday to procure, we went to the stadium. We got in with no trouble an hour before the game. We just chilled and watching practice until the festivities began.

Before the band came out, four Air Force guys parachuted down to the field with two landing on the Osceola at midfield. This netted the Air Force two scholarships and two band members money for books, paid for by Wetherell. Then the usual stuff of the band and Osceola happened before kickoff.

The game began strangely when we got a safety on a blocked punt. We then went on to score three more times before half, while allowing Virginia only a field goal. The second half was all FSU and the final score was 36-3. This was very unexpected as UVA was ranked sixth in the nation and I was praying that Bryan and Rainee wouldn't see a loss. I screamed so much that my voice still isn't right, but had fun anyway. This is the best this team has looked all year. The defense was pumped and Wyatt was on. He was 20/26 with no interceptions! I'm thrilled because now if Rix gets to start, the coaches are crazy. Especially since his one series was three and out.

Sunday morning dawned early as Bryan and Rainee left at seven to go back. I wish they could've stayed longer, but homework called. I then chilled for a while until I was tired again. Then, I napped until 4pm. I got up to go to a John Edwards rally at Florida A&M, complete with my "Screwing Your Intern Is Better Than Screwing Your Country" t-shirt.

The program started just before 7pm, instead of 6:15 and was rather short. Four Tallahassee comission people spoke as well as Scott Maddox, the Florida Democratic Party chair. Then, Edwards came out. He didn't say anything new except making fun of Bush saying "Is my time up yet?" during the second debate. However it was fun anyway, despite it taking my an hour to get home because Yellow Cab was backed up. I'm still recovering, but it was worth it.