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Thanks Curt: 10-25-04

Game 2 was effective, but not pretty. The Red Sox defense makes me want to scream! Four more errors! However, the Cardinals pitching gave up walks and three two-out run scoring hits before the night was over. The Red Sox won 6-2 to send the Series to St. Louis needing only two wins, but having seen the Cardinals numbers at Busch, it isn't over yet. They are undefeated in the postseason there and scoring approximately seven runs a game, eek!

As for the reason Boston won, Curt Schilling is wonderful. I've been saying this since he pitched against the Braves as a Phillie. I wanted him for our staff then, and even more now. He has an enormous heart and pitched under circumstances that most players wouldn't. Everyone knew that he was stitched up to pitch last night, what some may not know however, is that the original stitching hit a nerve. He woke up yesterday in too much pain to even think of pitching. However, as he was driving to the stadium, signs were posted everywhere wishing him well. When he arrived at the stadium, one of the sutures was removed and he began to feel better. By warm-up time he was ready to go when many pitchers might have said no. Schilling pitched six inning through pain, with blood seeping out of his wound from the first inning on. I was awed when I found this out last night during press conferences on ESPN. Now, let's hope that heart carries this team to two more victories!