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Avoidance Tactics: 10-29-04

Ok, I'm stalling again. I need to shower and start reading one of the two books for my Holocaust paper that's due Monday. I should also be studying for a US and Canada test, but eh, not gonna happen. And then there's Human Geography, due to a reading quiz in this class I'm having to skip an event I'd very much like to attend, a rally where Elizabeth Edwards is speaking. Damn class getting in the way of my life.

And damn the World Series, my homework avoidance tactic, for ending. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Boston won in fantastic style with a sweep of the Cardinals and that the "curse" is now lifted, but I'm gonna miss baseball. This was the best postseason in a long while, and I've finally come to realize that the AL style of play isn't shit, despite my inherent dislike of the DH. Anyway, I'm glad Bostonians get to celebrate as I have fond memories of my trips to Fenway and my time in Boston.