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November 5th

Now that the elections are over, I can resume my regularly scheduled life, almost. I got back to work on my Holocaust and Sports in America papers last night, but went to bed without setting my alarm. This caused me to sleep until 1:15, through Sports in America, not good. I missed Amanda's Title IX speech, but I may get her to let me see the powerpoint/read the paper. I'll go to both my classes tomorrow, but then I have errands to run. My dorm phone handset won't hold a charge for more than an hour, so it must be replaced. And my watch battery died, never good for someone who incessantly looks at her watch. It needs to be replaced before the football game on Saturday because if it runs long, I'll need to leave to get to the airport on time. And, on top of all this, my birthday is next week, and I don't want to spend it alone, so I must contact Sara about a night of football watching at AJ's as the Noles have a Thursday night game. Anyway, it's after four and I have class at ten.