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I should be folding the laundry I washed, but I'm not. I should be packing for my trip tomorrow, but I'm not. No, instead I'm sitting here feeling guilty that I haven't done my weekly football write up. Well, let's see, where do I start? So much has changed. The Noles are no longer in the title hunt (ACC or National), our kicker's been benched, our leading receiver's suspended, and Rix is back in at QB. Oh, and we lost to Maryland! The team looked like shit on Saturday. Turnovers, picks, and too many penalties were our undoing. The coaches need to reassess their starters and game plans. Jeff needs to realize that short passes work better than long bombs and Mickey needs to think about using man-to-man. And Bobby, he needs to think about firing Jeff. And Dave Hart needs to think about asking Bobby to fire Jeff, nepotism sucks. I was so hoping that my senior year would be wonderful, instead, I find myself having made a drink after watching the game last Saturday, and I drink very seldom. I also find myself near tears as I contemplate my last two games as a Seminole being basically meaningless. Scratch that, make it in tears.


I totally

emphasize. Maybe I'll pick up a minor so I can stay another year. On a brighter note, i hear that Bowden made Sextoon are for real starter during todays game. Not just saying we'll see before each game but, he's our guy declarations. And Miami lost. so thats good.