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Weekend Part 1

Ok, the weekend that just ended for me was interesting to say the least. I knew things were going too smoothly when I was walking out of the Doak, after a 29-7 in which Wyatt got his starting job back and the new field goal kicker, Cismesia, went five for five, at 3:15pm. I had called Yellow Cab before the game to set up a 4:30 pick-up. Didn't happen. My cab got lost and didn't arrive at my dorm until 5pm for a 5:50 flight.

So, I get to the airport and swipe my car to begin my computerized check-in only to be told that I can't, that I must talk to an employee. Not good. This is when I'm told that the plane is having technically difficulties in Atlanta and won't arrive in Tallahassee until 6:30. However, I have been booked on the 10pm flight to Birmingham. Very much not good. The anniversary party was starting at eight. So, I call my grandmother because Mom doesn't ever answer her cell, to tell her what happened and that I'll miss the dinner, but will proceed to Birmingham anyway. Then, the flight time changes to 7:20 departure, oy.

Finally, about 7:30, we get off the ground in Tallahassee. I get to Atlanta, tired and hungry. After noting my gate, I proceed to find out what time boarding starts because I intend to go to the Chili's on the concourse to get dinner. I'm told to be back by 9:30 and I am. This flight goes smoothly and I arrive in Birmingham at 10pm due to the time change where Daddy meets me at the airport. When we get to the hotel where the dinner is, many people have left, but some were told to stay and meet me (thanks Granny/Mom ::rolls eyes:. However, after speaking with all the requisite people, all was well. The main point of the night was meeting Em's boyfiend, Aaron, who is a nice guy and a good compliment for her.