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Ok, now that my birthday is officially over, it's time for reflection. Yes, it was good, no, it did not go according to plan. I got tons of phone calls (still need to call Emily to let her know I got her voice mail) and e-mails plus personal well wishes. And I ordered manicotti and a cannoli for dinner, it was yummy. However, my plans to watch the Noles game somewhere other than my apartment never materialized. This was partly due to Sara not getting back in town on time and partly due to the thought of alcohol and menstrual hormones causing chaos. So, I'll have to have my celebratory drink later. The Noles won, although the game wasn't pretty, damn our offensive inconsistency. The defense looked like a team on fire though, aka the team expected from most Nole fans. However, given our road woes, I'll take a 17-10 victory in a hostile enviroment.



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