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Okay, I loves the Noles and FSU, but today almost drove me crazy. It's time to get tickets to the Florida game and it's turned into a nightmare. First, my dorm didn't even get a block number for our tickets on Wednesday, so I had to retrieve my ticket on my birthday and figure out where to go from there. I found out that NoleWeb actually had a block number, but it was seventy-nine. I took my coupons to Young's office, this morning, anyway, only to find out at five this afternoon that the block tickets ran out at forty-nine. So, I then call Young and arranged to retrieve my coupons. At 7pm I was online to login and register my place in the individual line, but I forgot my FSUID. By the time I remembered, the servers were overloaded and had crashed by 7:30. It was about ten 'til eight when I finally got a number, but it was 904, which I know is way too high. So, I logged back on to NoleWeb to see who had gotten a lower number and was willing to help me get tickets, for free, as some people where selling spots in their allotments of ten. I found someone willing to do it finally, so I'm meeting her at the ticket office on Monday morning to give her my coupons.

Now that my coupons are squared away, I need to vent about the new system for getting tickets. This computer business just started this year. It used to be that if you wanted tickets, you went and got in line at the ticket office at o'dark-thirty. That meant that only true fans were there. However, last year's Miami game ended that when the line started forming with drunk frat boys at 3am. Idiots. That would've been fine if we could still camp out, but that was banned when a sweatshop protest took over our main quad freshman spring. More idiots. So, basically idiots have levelled the playing field and people are getting to go to games when they don't give two shits about the team. I care enough about this team that I was prepared to spend all of my birthday money, seventy dollars, on a scalped ticket, but the fact that that thought even came into play irritates me. :-@