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Peterson Case

Okay, now that I've had some time to process my thoughts, I'm ready to do my entry on the Peterson trial. I'm happy that this stage is over, but I don't agree with the verdict. I don't understand how the jury saw premeditated murder of Laci and not Conner. Given the way I think most people believe she died, strangulation, I thought it should have been second degree on both, if a conviction at all. However, when Judge Delucchi approved a second degree murder charge as a lesser included about three weeks ago, I knew he'd get a conviction. That doesn't mean I agree with it. Don't get me wrong, I think he probably killed her, but I think the case was weak.

I don't think you should be able to bring a capital case when you have no concrete evidence. Distaso couldn't prove when, where, or how on the murder. He basically got a conviction on a supposed dump site. Well, when I realized that was what he was gunning for, I spoke with my own mother. Seeing as how Scott's having gone fishing on Christmas Eve was somehow and unpardonable sin. The reason I asked her is she was in a similar situation the Christmas after I was born. Instead of being eight months pregnant, she had a six week-old in the house while my father was galivanting around the golf course as my mother prepared for dinner that night. So, in her eyes, Peterson's having gone fishing wasn't the problem. It was the fact that the idiot told his family he'd gone golfing. However, being an idiot does not a murderer make.

As for him having bought the boat without telling anyone, strange yes, illegal no. Maybe money was tight and he didn't want Laci mad at him. And her hair being in the boat, doesn't mean she ever saw it. It could have been on Scott when he got into boat from sitting almost anywhere in their house. Plus the fact that studies were done by private investigators saying that he couldn't possibly have dumped Laci out of the boat without it capsizing. One particular investigator used his own pregnant wife for this test. And finally, those pesky anchors. It was states that four anchors weighing five pounds a piece were used to keep Laci at the bottom of the bay. The wouldn't have been enough weight, even if one was tied to each limb considering that her estimated weight at that time was 150-160 pounds.

Lastly, the biggest part of Distaso's case and what he tried to portray as the motive, Amber Frey. Last I checked, being an adulterer doesn't make you a murderer. Yes he said he wasn't married, and yes his widow story wasn't the smartest, but lies alone shouldn't get you a stay in San Quentin. As for what he said to Amber about her daughter being enough for him, if the baby was the problem, why not try to cause a miscarriage without killing Laci? And there was no evidence he'd laid a hand on Laci or any other woman prior to this incident. The most baffling of all of this in terms of whether or not he did it was the timing. If he'd wanted to spend Christmas with Amber, why wait until Christmas Eve? That ruins everyone's holiday and accomplishes nothing on the love front.

Frankly, I don't think this case is over. We still have sentencing, but beyond that, Geragos will find grounds for appeal. Possibly in the juror dismissals of last week. I believe that the first juror's extra information may have come to light because she was prepared to hang the jury. And the foreman asked off because his fellow jurors didn't want him as foreman any longer. It's very possible that he was going through the evidence slowly to try and change minds which if the jury is being open-minded as is required, he is intitled to do. Plus, the fact that a verdict came so quickly after those dismissals make me go hmmm. Anyway, we'll see if a holiday sentencing has any effect on Scott's situation as it's been said that holiday sentencing equals lighter sentences.