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UF Weekend Part 2

Ok, so I leave the stadium after the Florida game having no idea where Bryan is and go back to my dorm. When I arrive, I find four messages on my cell phone from him saying to call me ASAP because he has to leave campus by midnight. Well, it was after midnight when I got the messages. I called him, but he didn't answer, so I walk over to the office of my dorm thinking he might be there. He wasn't so I call again after looking near the frat house I thought he meant he was at, but no luck. By this time, I'm getting panicky, so I walk to the parking garage to see if his car is still there. It was. I finally get a hold of him as I'm exiting the garage.

I hurry back to the ouside of my building and there he sits, but he wasn't there when I came back from the game, that I know. So, I find out from him that he has to get his stuff and leave and isn't allowed on campus ever again. The police are supposed to get in touch with him, and may want to talk to me. Yikes! I walk him to the parking garage and say good bye, telling him to call me when he gets in, I don't care what time it is. As I'm walking out of the parking garage in tears, I call my dad despite it being 1am. I brief him on the catastrophe and tell him I'll give him more details in the morning.

I came back to the dorm andd cried for a long time. I wondered what would happen and should I have even gotten him that ticket. I tried to tell myself everything would be okay, thinking that it would be hard for the FSUPD to keep their threat of never letting him back on campus. It would be hard because it's not an enclosed space like a bar or club. Anyway, it's been over ten days with nobody contacting Bryan or me about anything, so I'm a little more relaxed. However, I may still get the police report, if there is one, just to see what exactly happened.