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Ok, now that I'm back in Florida, I can see why, on some level, I think it's crazy to leave. I sit at my desk, in January, wearing a t-shirt and Birkenstocks rather than a sweater and hiking boots. As much as I hate the south for the culture, there are times when I love the weather.

Now, back to the original intent of this entry, the holidays, post-Christmas. I got lots of goodies for Christmas including new clothes and a Vera bag that needs exchanging as well as a new CD/mp3 player and some books as well as money, which is always appreciated. However, after the gift giving was over, I had to visit family. Went to Birmingham the day Grandpa got his pacemaker inserted and stayed two days before going to Charles and Joanne's. Then, we drove back to Atlanta to drop my sister at her car at Grandmom's house, but that was brief, thank god. Then, I went with my parents to Mike and Teri's for New Year's Eve. Much alcohol was consumed, fun was had and money was lost (playing poker with money instead of an entry fee and chips is a BAD idea). New Year's Day was spent watching football, including the Noles' Gator Bowl victory which culminated in a Chris Rix interception, how fitting. However, after a week of travel with the fam, I'm glad for some solitude and time away from Em and Aaron's mushiness.