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I really should get started on grad school applications as the FSU one is due on February 1st. However, there are a few snags. I need three references, but only have two professors and one GA that would work and I'm not sure a letter from a GA is a good idea. Plus, I'm yet to speak to Dr. Lieb about recommendations. Also, my paper that I plan to use as my writing sample is in transit as the graded version with the corrections was left at home. However, on a more positive note, I think, I've decided that I will graduate this semester. So now my fears are whether I'll get into a grad school at all given my grades. However, I have to do a registrar grad check and register for graduation soon. Plus, with a yearbook deadline looming Monday, I'm stressed again. And being on my period with my hormones screwy has induced more tears this week than I thought possible. Argh, too much stuff to do and too little time. Plus, Mom thinks I should take the GRE again. Oy!