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After days of crying to myself in my dorm room, I finally talked to my parents about grad school last night. My mother was no help except for telling me that looking for schools with sports history classes was probably a good idea since my writing samples are both sports-related. She also yold me I needed to take the GRE again, but I'm not sure I have time before the February 1st deadline for FSU. As of right now, I can't get myself motivated to send in any applications other than that one. And I'm terrified that if I get a rejection letter from them, which I very well might given the fact that my GPA for the last two years is below 2.3, that I'll be sent into another bout of crying and screw up this semester. Plus, I have to decide whether to go ahead and graduate or stay here another year and do who knows what to raise my GPA. The latter is what Daddy suggested, but I don't know how that would work considering that my history degree will be finished in April. And I don't know if I could get another degree in a year. As I sit here crying at quarter to seven, I wonder if I can hold it together enough to talk to Debbie or Chris to get the advice I so desperately need.