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Ok, another curve ball has been launched into the grad school search. Mom thinks I could get into Auburn, which is a big name, but the requirements are pretty low. When I mentioned the ever-lingering, "what if I wanted to transfer?", she said I'd have to look at Bama because she wants to make me an Alabama resident. Plus, Auburn violates the number one rule of colleges for me, no small towns, so that makes me even more hesitant. Not to mention that I'd probably be living with Em and I'm not sure how well that would work.

However, the thought of having the ability to transfer back here makes USF much more likable despite its unsavory locale and state standing. So, given that College of Charleston is the only other school on the table, and probably the longest shot anyway, I'm leaning towards staying in Tally to take more History classes because that's the GPA that needs the most help.