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Basketball News of All Kinds

Now that football season's over, basketball is my focus. UNC is rooling merrily along after having lost to Santa Clara in the first game of the season. They are 14-1, ranked number four in the nation and have their biggest test tomorrow in a game at Wake Forest. It should be a great game, I just hope it's not like last year's first meeting, which was a triple overtime loss for UNC. Talk about heartbreak. However, this year's Heels are a year older and wiser and are playing like they are on fire. Chemistry is a beautiful thing, as is the team believing in Roy Williams.

On the pro front, the Lakers aren't exactly flying high without Shaq and last night another big blow was dealt as Kobe was injured. He has a severly sprained ankle and is slated to miss at least five games. However, if Lamar Odom can step up they should be okay as they are entering a nine-game home stand. As for Kobe in court, no news except that Katelyn's attorney is ready for the civil case to be brought before a Denver jury. And that same attorney has decided not to seek damages in a California court even though a settlement in Colorado will be less money.