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Weird Convo

I had the weirdest convo of my non-existent love life last night. Matt, who I've known thru the FSU football board on AOL for three years, IM'd me at 3am. It was only midnight his time, and I wasn't tired, so we chatted for a long time. We've talk on the phone before and have been discussing meeting since fall, but just as friends. Well last night he asked me if I still had the pic of us that I'd photoshopped (Him w/Cane players, me w/Chief Osceola and a heart between us w/the words "Hell Froze Over" at the top). I said yes and gave him the link. He then proceeded to ask me what I thought of this being a reality instead of the joke it was intended as. I told him I wasn't comfortable w/an older guy plus I thought he should look for a girl in Vegas. After more discussion, he asked me what was I doing for Spring Break. I said I wasn't sure. He then asked would I like to come to Vegas. I was shocked. I told him probably not because my parents would flip. We then start discussing Valentine's Day and he says he has no date, well neither do I. So he then asks if I'd like to come to Vegas next weekend. I say no way, he asks why. I say I'm not comfortable with meeting him in Vegas. Plus I don't have romantic feelings for him. So anyway, I'm calling him tonight to see what gives. Have his feelings for me changed or is he just looking for a Valentine's date (which he was willing to pay $400 to have)? Very strange, this is why I've never actually met any Internet friends.


No, it wasn't that I was hung up on Samo, it was just that I didn't feel like I was ready to leave home. I'm still NOT, so I'm glad I didn't go away yet, but now I'm starting to want to. Which means that when it's time to transfer I will be ready and be able to make the decision easily.
The parents and David finally too much?