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I came out of my room in New Hall at 3am because I heard some dripping. I just thought it was a shower or a sink, but no, of course not. There was water dripping from the vent in the kitchen. I got some towels out and was about to go get night staff when I heard someone unlocking the apartment door. One of my roomies had already gone to report it and discovered that one of the bathrooms in the apartment above us had flooded out into the hall. Apparently someone's shower got clogged (presumably with hair) and they ignored the rising water. I'm peeved because we had to wetvac a large portion of our apartment and still at 4:45 am I discover more water, at the entrance to my bathroom, grrr. So, I now have three totally soaked towels draped around my apartment, plus my roomie's towels, and I didn't get to shower. I was really pissed when I heard what happened because my shower last year did that, but my suitemate and I had the good sense to turn off the shower and let it drain before it got out of control. So, anyway, there is still water in various parts of my apartment because the girls of 1205 are stupid and New Hall showers get clogged too easily.