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I thought I had finally reconciled my future when yesterday my mother sends me a page she found about law school. Basically, unless you go to one of the top fourteen schools in the nation, you can kiss a big job goodbye. And if you go to a fourth tier school, which is what I'm in position for now, you can kiss a chance at a job at all goodbye. So, for now, the thought of law school is on hold. However, this now means I have to decide whether I should graduate now and get a job, or go for a master's degree. The thought of getting a job now freaks me out. I've never worked for anyone other than my parents, except for that week last summer, and that was a disaster. Plus, I now have to decide if museum/archive work is what I really want or if I should abandon my degree to find work (if I graduate now). Oy, when is this ever going to end? ::feels tears welling up now::