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I'm chilling before Stretch and Relaxation, and boy do I need it. This weekend was fun, but hectic. Saturday was King Cake day, but it didn't get started until 5pm as Sara was hungover and my kitchen is too small for that much baking. Plus I don't need that much cake to tempt me. So, after a trip to the store, we began baking about 8pm and didn't finish until almost midnight. Yeast cakes take forever to make, plus at least a half hour of decoration time. So, anyway, I have yummy goodness, but was out late. Then, Sunday began at 11:30am as the UNC/FSU game was at 2pm. I just wore a light blue shirt and my engraved earrings so that I could find a seat. It was worth it as the Heels won by twenty and Marvin Williams got a wonderful dunk. UNC shot an assload of free throws as well. It was weird to have the warchant and fight song annoy me though. Oh well. Class calls, Super Bowl recap later.