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Fear the Turtle

Tonight I watched one of the best basketball games I've seen in a while. It's the regular season and it didn't involve UNC, but it was a classic game no less. Maryland beat Duke 99-92 to sweep the season series from them. They were the first team to do this since 1994-95 according to ESPN. And the Terps have beaten Duke three in a row, two overtime games, including tonight. Duke had five players foul out and went long stretches without field goals, looking nothing like the team that played Carolina on Wednesday. Maryland came out ready to play and didn't let up all night. I don't think either team got more than a seven-point lead all night, so when the final buzzer sounded in regulation and the score was knotted at eighty-eight, I wasn't surprised, despite the fact that Duke is currently the eighth ranked team in the country and Maryland is unranked. In overtime, with their two big men fouled out, Duke had to resort to fouling to keeping Maryland from making layups. However, this backfired, and combined with Duke's cold shooting, the Devils' fate was sealed. I'm a very happy woman tonight, as watching Duke lose is almost as sweet as watching Carolina win.


my boyfriend is a huge carolina fan/duke hater and he hasn't stopped talking about that game all week
Hehe, then Duke lost to Va Tech, but I didn't get to see that game. :-)
I grew up in VA so that's even better.